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Anonymous said: your personal post are my fav

haha, really? thank you! i always enjoy the more personal blogs over the regular ones. i like to get to know the face behind the post and stuff. but i feel like i’m super annoying with all the shit i post….

personal post after personal post.

i wonder, do y’all get sick of me posting personal stuff all the time?

also my mum informed me last night that yall is spelled y’all, not ya’ll. for the past five years i have been spelling it ya’ll. that is super embarrassing. back when i was a sophomore in high school i spelled etc, ect and i also spelled definitely, defiantly. i don’t know why i have such a hard time with spelling words. it’s really sad.

i really need to write my paper on the sexualization of vampires in today’s culture, but i just don’t know what to say.

i’m also currently doing my online math homework. i love being in school. i really do, but i just hate having to do homework. i just enjoying learning and listening and not being graded. i hate the pressure of getting the correct answer. i just want to learn and that be that!

(i just love adam green’s voice. i don’t know what about it that makes me so happy and giggly.)

Anonymous said: post pictures of your tattoos after the treatments!

will do!

after my first round of tattoo removal treatments. it looks like i got beat up with all these bandages. haha.

after my first round of tattoo removal treatments. it looks like i got beat up with all these bandages. haha.

so this morning i had my free consultation with “what were your inking” for my tattoo removal. i originally was just going to remove the two line bands around my arm first, because that is my least favorite tattoo and i don’t have much money. when i got there she asked me which one it was and i told her how eventually i want them all gone. she told me that it would be much cheaper and quicker to removed them all at once as opposed to one at a time. she said to just remove one it would cost me one-hundred and fifty dollars as opposed to two-hundred dollars for all seven. so naturally i choose to remove them all at once. she asked me too if i wanted my first treatment this morning and i so i though, why not?! it only took a total of fifteen minutes of the actual laser process which i thought was incredible. i was expecting a much longer time and for it to be more painful. it really wasn’t that bad. i mean, it didn’t feel good at all and i wanted it over, but how people talk about makes it out to be five times worse than it is. she said at most people have ten treatments, but some only have five. she said that i would probably only need seven treatments. so it’s now looking like it will not only cost much less than i was expecting, but it also doesn’t hurt as much as i was expiating, and they will all get removed much quicker than i was expecting. not to mention the woman who owns this place is totally cool. i got this total pay card for the money i get from work, and it’s supposed to be like a debit card in the sense that they pay you money and it automatically goes onto the card, and then you can use it anywhere you want. well i have like four-hundred dollars on the card and when i went to pay for my treatment, it didn’t go through and i only had seventy dollars cash. she told me not to worry about it and to just pay her next time- which is in four weeks. i mean, seriously that is one cool chick. of course i’m going to pay her but not that many business owners would’ve done that. so now i am at the denver public library trying to figure out what’s wrong with my card, because i have no cash and that’s a problem. right now i’m just waiting on maraya to get to the denver library so we can study. this place is huge and overwhelming. i really just want a pumpkin spice latte. also since i wasn’t expecting to get my first treatment done, i am not covered in bandages and also wearing a sweater and it makes it very uncomfortable. and i am having like the worst hair day of my life. 

Anonymous said: film jobs?

they need like extra’s in movies and tv shows and stuff like that. or small parts. 

haha, okay so i just sent my information and these two pictures to three different film jobs. i guess it’s just time to wait and see what happens! i haven’t done anything this crazy or random in awhile. :]

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girl: i’m okay.

boy: but you are crying…

girl: it’s okay to cry.

boy: it’s okay to admit that you are not okay.

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"you can’t hide what’s in your heart."

john coffey

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i have always loved this. i want this. this. this. this.

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